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PostSubject: FFD   FFD EmptyWed 15 Nov 2006 - 14:03

It seems i have to speak english, so i gonna try.

I think you know what is this FFD (=>forum argh).

I just would like the NuB'chief say me, by mail(bgl-lapero@hotmail.fr) or on this forum what is the official feelings of the clan concerning this project (support for this project? investment on this project?)

I know Phoenix is reticent but i would have THE position of the clan.

Thanks, and sorry for my mistakes!!!

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PostSubject: Re: FFD   FFD EmptyWed 15 Nov 2006 - 18:51

well i'd need to have more inos to be able to speak about FFD, but from what I've read and understood it's suposed to be a DCE-like community for French dota players, providing infos and help to the newbies and promoting the serious french DotA community at the same time.

First of all I don't think NuBs are to be seen as a french clan, only about 2/3rd of our players are french and thus we can't be full part of a a "french" DotA community. I see our "internationna"l attitude as very important and I won't sacrifice it by centering our clan on his french players.

Second, as I said on Argh's forum I don't see the need of such a community if it's bound to be a playing channel & forum as DCE is. Now if the FFD is a real rallying point for infos and DotA promotion, it's a good thing and will have our support.

Third, I have projects with WoH-Drachka about creating a league so I can't give much time to another project like FFD.

To summarize, with the only bits of infos I got I'd say FFD can be a good idea and that we will support it, but keep in mind that having a french leader doesn't make a clan french, and that I myself won't have much time to dedicate to you.

Now I'll let the other members express what they think about this.

Oh and btw this is a serious topic, so pliz don't spam it with b.shit if you have nothing to say (hi Angel & Dust !)

French PS : Si t'as rien compris dit-le et je t'envois un mail.

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PostSubject: Re: FFD   FFD EmptyWed 15 Nov 2006 - 22:30

Hey lap sa va? hmm

I already hate the DCE system , so somthing like it french~~ yea not for meh Smile

Btw, can you put the link plz? too bored for search it on argh lol!
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PostSubject: Re: FFD   FFD Empty

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